Social Media

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube… we can get an online identity up-and-running for you ASAP. Need a blog for your business tomorrow? Consider it done.

Social media is just like any other business. There is competition and there will be winners and losers. Then the next big thing will come along and there will be new winners and losers. In the meantime, your business can tell your story to thousands via sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We can show you how to sell on eBay, Amazon and Craig’s List. There are sites for every demographic and lifestyle, every language and location.

Unlike the traditional print/copy/distribute model, social media demands daily input because it truly is an ongoing discussion with your customers and prospects. We can make your Facebook account pick up all the new posts to your blog. And we can make your blog pick up all the tweets from your Twitter account.

Remember, they don’t call it Social Advertising. Far too many people believe they can have their 15-year-old daughter start a twitter account and every few days just post a “Contact me now for such-and-such on sale TODAY ONLY!” This strategy is doomed to failure.

Let’s start a social media discussion…