Graphics & Production

Graphics & Production

More than twenty years ago, AdWeek Magazine declared Poller & Jordan “the most computerized ad agency in the Southeast.”

We were early adopters of the graphics capabilities of Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and PageMaker. Back then, a 9″ black and white Macintosh cost more than $4,000 and a 40MB hard disk was another $1,000. And there was just one place in town that could output files to an imagesetter. Today, paper, film and the service bureau industry is gone. Graphics computers and the internet have reduced turn-around time and removed material and delivery fees from most jobs. Print-ready files are generally emailed or uploaded to publications and printers.

Radio commercials are created with talent in three different cities collaborating with an audio editor here in Miami. Finished commercials are then emailed to the stations. TV commercial that used to take a week to edit and deliver can now be turned around and delivered electronically the next day.


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