Billboards & Banners

Mini mobile billboards

Whether plastered next to I-95, on the turnpike toll booths or wrapped around your delivery truck, huge outdoor graphics and banners are big identifiers for your business.

Mobile outdoor media is an intrusive branding mechanism. Stationary billboards are tremendous traffic generators especially when used to provide directions to your front door. “This exit, west two miles.”┬áTemporary banners are extremely effective for real estate as they mark the location, the price and contact information.

Outdoor (out-of-home) media options have expanded in recent years. Today we can precisely geo-target with motor scooter-pulled mini billboards that focus on any city, neighborhood or single block. Ads on the back of rickshaws can allow you to target Coconut Grove. Need to wrap your fleet vehicles? Done. The elevator doors at Sunset Place or Dadeland Malls can carry your message to shoppers. Taxi cabs, coffee cups and dry cleaner bags can deliver your message. That black rubber mat you place items on at the grocery checkout? Yeah, Poller & Jordan can get that printed with your message too. Call us for a rundown of affordable outdoor advertising opportunities for your business.

Six-market transit advertising campaign April/May 2010

Six-market transit advertising campaign April/May 2010

Let’s take your message to the streets…