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Poller & Jordan is a full-service agency. That means we can provide input on the Big Picture, as well as a strategic plan for reaching your goals. This includes executing the details of copywriting and design, media planning and negotiation, radio and TV production, pubic relations, printing and direct mail. Online capabilities include web sites, online marketing, search engine optimization, and ecommerce. We build FaceBook and LinkedIn sites as well as WordPress blogs for our customers.

Unlike other ad agencies, we don’t have a published hourly rate for various services. If you want something we discuss it with you and give you a written quote for the job. This keeps the budget pressure on us and drives down your marketing costs. After all, it’s not your job to be watching the clock on cameramen, video editors and web designers.

With a track record stretching back over nearly four decades, we have one of the best contact lists in town. Need a Colombian model in your TV commercial? Done. Need a distinguished gentleman with a cuban accent for radio commercials? Done. This extends to printers, mail houses, large-format shops, outdoor and radio too.

  • Car dealer advertising
  • Bank advertising
  • Heavy equipment advertising
  • Trade show advertising
  • Motorcycle advertising
  • Marine industry advertising
  • Grocery marketing
  • Watersports advertising
  • Attorney advertising
  • Political advertising
  • Issue advertising
  • Furniture advertising
  • State advertising contracts
  • Supermarket advertising